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🚼 Trotter / 👣 Carrier / 🚶 Pusher

A walker, also known as a "Youpala", is a four-wheeled seat where a baby of around 6 months can sit and move around by pushing with his feet. It is recommended that use be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes, and it should not be used as a seat. A carrier is a vehicle-shaped toy with wheels, enabling babies to move around easily. Some have telescopic handles so that parents can guide the child. They are often used from 6 months to encourage independence. A pusher, also known as a walking trolley, is a toy that helps babies to stand up and walk by encouraging them to push the toy in front of them while holding on.

P'tit Lapinou has selected a wide range of quality carriers, walkers and pushers to meet your baby's needs.

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