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The Toilet range includes everything you need to welcome your child in complete serenity. Whether you like the equipment. Even though your child will spend most of the first few months sleeping and eating. You will need accessories for baby's cleanliness as well as for his safety at home.

P'tit Lapinou makes your baby's daily life easier with wellness and care articles, such as care kits or teething rings. You can also cocoon him at bath time and even play with him. The birth of a baby implies a lot of preparation and therefore the purchase of childcare articles for him. 



  • Bath

    Bath time is often a time of relaxation for your baby. It is important to guarantee comfort and safety during this special moment. 

    P'tit Lapinou advises you to be well equipped: bathtub, bouncer or bath seat, bath mat or a knee rest to relieve your knees when you bathe your baby.

    In his 37°C water, baby also wants to have fun, so don't hesitate to consult the section dedicated to baby bath toys. 

  • Care

    Thermometer, baby fly, baby scale or even the care kit: it is important to take care of your baby with the right accessories. Essential equipment to keep your baby clean and healthy!

    Discover on P'tit Lapinou, other childcare equipment to ensure the care of your baby. 

  • Cleanliness - Change

    The time has come to potty train your baby. Potty training is an important, long and rather perilous stage.  

    To make it easier for you, P'tit Lapinou offers various equipment to ensure baby's cleanliness. There are essential equipments such as the potty and the toilet reducer, without forgetting the washable nappies, an economical and ecological solution.

  • Thermometers

    The baby thermometer is an essential item of care, especially when the first milk teeth appear or when you have a cold. It will allow you to know quickly the temperature of your child and to ensure the ideal temperature for your baby's room. 

    To make your choice, P'tit Lapinou, offers several types of thermometers designed by the most famous brands. It is at the level of the eardrum that the body temperature seems to be the most reliable. In order to obtain an accurate estimation, we propose you a selection of ear thermometers.

  • Toys / Teething rings

    Teething is often an ordeal for the whole family. As soon as the little teeth start coming in, the little worries start. To relieve baby, toys / teething rings are a great solution.

    P'tit Lapinou offers you a whole range of articles adapted to all ages to soothe your baby's pain. 

    In addition, to put all the chances on your side and avoid that baby's teeth pull too much, discover our selection of amber necklaces. These natural jewels are known to soothe gum pain and teething. 

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