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Feeding bottles and accessories

The feeding bottle is an essential part of baby's well-being. To make cleaning the bottle easier, think of the bottle brush and the bottle drainer. 

Discover other accessories that make life easier for parents on a daily basis on P'tit Lapinou, such as the steriliser and the measuring box (for powdered milk). 

You can now enjoy this moment of complicity with complete peace of mind.  

Feeding bottles and accessories


  • Feeding bottles

    The feeding bottle is an essential accessory in baby's daily life. Whether you opt for breast milk or powdered milk, the bottle is perfect for baby to eat and drink. 

    P'tit Lapinou offers you a wide selection of feeding bottles, whether plastic or glass, adapted to the age of your child.

  • Milk dispenser box

    The stackable milk powder dispenser boxes allow you to save precious time in preparing the bottle and to optimise your organisation during the day, whether you are at home, away from home or during your baby's night-time feedings at 3am. 

    You just have to pour the quantity of powdered milk in each compartment, prepare 1, 2, 3 or even 4 doses in advance, according to certain models. At mealtime, simply pour the contents of the box into the bottle and add water: quick and easy. 

    Tip: when baby is older, you can use your milk powder dispenser to keep baby's snacks. 

  • Bottle rack

    For young parents, organisation is essential. After all, a newborn baby needs time and a lot of energy. So it's best to have everything at hand and ready to use, to avoid making baby wait. And to succeed in this organisation, certain accessories are indispensable. This is the case with the bottle drainer. 

    Practical and hygienic, it allows you to store baby's feeding utensils after they have been washed (bottle, spoon, teat...), so that they can dry ideally and be used again quickly. 

    At P'tit Lapinou, you will find many models of bottle drainers, in the shape of trees or flowers, with different capacities. 

  • Bottle brush

    The bottle brush is an indispensable accessory in your daily life to ensure perfect hygiene for baby's feeding. It allows you to clean bottles thoroughly in difficult areas, but you can also use it to clean your dishes. 

    After washing, you can use bottle drip trays, so that the bottles dry naturally upside down.

  • Sterilizer

    When your baby is newborn, his immune system is still immature. To kill bacteria quickly in baby's bottles or teats, it is essential to use a steriliser until at least 4 months of age.  This is a popular piece of equipment for young parents. 

    You can choose between electric or microwave sterilisers, which are generally designed to hold up to 6 standard bottles and their accessories.

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