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Baby's meals away from home do not require the same crockery and accessories as at home. Here you will find a wide range of accessories to take with you.

For your child's picnic: school lunch boxes, children's water bottles, insulated bags and lunch boxes are available in this wide selection.

Colourful and fun nomadic items that children will be delighted to carry. All your child has to do is choose the models they like!

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  • Lunch boxes

    The lunch box is an indispensable and very practical item for all those times when your child is not eating at home. A lunch box is ideal for school outings or the canteen in case of food allergies. 

    The lunch box is generally made up of several compartments and can be nested so as not to clutter up the cupboards. Matching the schoolbag, and also with small cutlery, it will make the meal fun and pleasant. 

    Different models of children's lunch boxes can be found on P'tit Lapinou. Choose the one that best suits your child.

  • Gourde
  • Sac Isotherme
  • Thermos

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