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Cleanliness - Change

The time has come to potty train your baby. Potty training is an important, long and rather perilous stage.  

To make it easier for you, P'tit Lapinou offers various equipment to ensure baby's cleanliness. There are essential equipments such as the potty and the toilet reducer, without forgetting the washable nappies, an economical and ecological solution.

Cleanliness - Change


  • Wipes / Tissue Boxes

    Handkerchiefs and wipes are very useful in everyday life to wipe his hands, blow his nose, clean him etc. 

    P'tit Lpapinou offers you a selection of tissue boxes. Simply place your pack of tissues or wipes in the box, push the first one out through the hole in the box and close it!

  • Cloth nappies

    It is therefore difficult to do without nappies during the first years of a child's life, until potty training. The disposable nappy is used several times a day, it must offer comfort and hygiene in order to avoid possible irritations, but also a well-being throughout the day!

    On P'tit Lapinou, we offer you a selection of the best equipment to help you keep a clean and hygienic environment.

  • Laundry basket

    After giving birth, you discover that your home is a mess and you think of a baby laundry basket? It is indeed what you need to tidy up your home and above all the ideal setting for your child's things. 

    However, you are worried about choosing the right basket. Well, this article is our maternity gift to you. 

    At P'tit Lapinou, discover in this article some criteria for the choice of your child's laundry basket. 

  • Pot - Reducer

    Your baby has grown up and is now taking his first steps towards potty training. A new stage that requires the use of a potty, a step stool or a reducer. 

    Potty training starts with the potty, which will allow baby to make the transition from the nappy to the toilet, and to know when he wants to pee. Once this stage has been successfully completed, it's the toilet seat reducer's turn to take over. Even if baby wants to pee on the toilet, he is still too small for the large bowl. It will then allow him to adapt it to his size.

    At P'tit Lapinou, you will find many models that will quickly make your little one want to do as a grown-up.

  • Changing table

    Among all the equipment that young parents need, the changing table is essential for the well-being of your child from birth to 3 years. 

    Thanks to it, baby is comfortably installed during the change, while the parents keep an optimal position which ensures the safety of baby.

    At P'tit Lapinou, you will inevitably find the changing table model that corresponds to your needs and those of your baby.

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