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Thermometer, baby fly, baby scale or even the care kit: it is important to take care of your baby with the right accessories. Essential equipment to keep your baby clean and healthy!

Discover on P'tit Lapinou, other childcare equipment to ensure the care of your baby. 



  • Brushes and combs

    Baby's skin and hair are still very fragile: there is no question of rushing them! Use a hairbrush and a baby comb to gently comb your baby's hair in the morning or after a bath.

  • Toothbrushes

    A baby's toothbrush is an essential accessory from a very young age. Help your child to take care of his teeth with a toothbrush specially designed for young children. 

    P'tit Lapinou also offers other accessories for baby hygiene: baby fly, thermometer, brush and comb, care kits, and others to discover on our site. 

    You will also find teething rings that will help relieve baby's gums before the appearance of his first teeth but also to take care of the first milk teeth. 

  • Baby fly

    Until he is 3 years old, baby is not able to blow his nose by himself. To help him clear his nose and improve his breathing, the use of a baby nose plug is an essential accessory. The baby fly can be electric or manual, the choice is yours.

    With the baby fly and other accessories, you can take care of your baby without any problem. However, blowing baby's nose is sometimes difficult to grasp, as it requires a lot of gentleness and delicacy. The only accessory you need is a baby fly.

  • Baby scales

    From birth, it is important to regularly monitor your baby's weight, which is why P'tit Lapinou offers you a baby scale.

    Accurate, durable and easy to use, it is ideal to help you keep an eye on the evolution of your little one's weight, day after day, without having to wait for the monthly appointment with the paediatrician. Having a baby scale at home is therefore reassuring in every way and will quickly find its place in your bathroom to monitor the health and growth of your baby.

  • Baby care kit

    The hair, skin and nails of a toddler are fragile: thanks to the baby care kit, take care of your child with the right equipment. The toiletry kit is an essential for young parents to take care of baby's hygiene and health.

    Practical on a daily basis for your child's health, you can take the care kit with you when you travel or on family weekends. Generally the care kit is composed of a thermometer, a pair of scissors or nail clippers and a baby fly. 

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